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Why Self-Care Doesn't Always Work and What To Do About It

Hi friends. This video is all about self-care, what it should actually be like, and how to do it in a way that actually works.

Self-care often comes with the promise that this is "the thing" will finally make us happy, that we will finally love ourselves if we have a skincare routine and do yoga, work out, and meditate. And all of these things do contribute to our satisfaction in life and they are important aspects of self-love.

However, how often do we perform our routines and still feel sad or numb or angry after? How often do we become disappointed in ourselves and feel like we are broken, because we're doing everything right and we still feel horrible?

So how do we bridge the gap? How do we make self-care work for us?

In this video I talked about mindset shifts that need to happen: how we need to redefine self-care not as what heals us, but as what prepares us for harder, deeper work.

I also redefine self-care as something that we should be doing because we want to love ourselves, because self-love should be the baseline of our lives. Not because we want to fix our lives at the last possible minute. Other strategies are more effective for actually changing our lives and healing.

I also ask the question of why we do self-care routines: do we do them to run away from ourselves or to get closer to ourselves?

And do our self-care routines actually meet our individual, specific needs?

Watch the video for my in-depth thoughts and ideas on how to make self-care routines work for you.

I hope this helps you guys out a little, especially now that many of us are back in lockdowns and having to write exams and papers or work from home.

Please take care of yourselves and stay safe. And I'll talk to you all very soon. xo, Elza

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