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Meditation & Journaling Calendar: December 2022 Invitation

Hi everyone,

how are you? I hope you are well. And I am sending you all lots of love and energy for this last month of the year. I thought we could all try to finish the year with a month of stillness, contemplation, reflection, and intention-setting. Most importantly, with connection- to Self, to the universe, to each other.

So I have created a calendar for the month of December, which includes journaling prompts and links to my own and other creators' meditations. You can download a guide and the calendar for the month down below.

Each day is an invitation to either journal or meditate. We will start by setting an intention for the month and getting clear on our "Why" for meditating consistently. Then each day you can decide to either:

  • Meditate on your own with a timer/binaural beats/meditation music/in silence.

  • Search for a guided meditation online/offline (many cities have wonderful meditation communities or yoga studios that offer meditation classes).

  • Or click the links in the calendar and go through a guided meditation by me or another creator on YouTube. These meditations vary in length and theme. If you would like to switch around the days or find that today you'd rather do another one, I have provided here the playlist of the calendar. So you can just go through the playlist and do the meditations in the order that you would prefer.

At the end of the month, you are warmly invited to spend the last two days reflecting on the past year and setting intentions for the new year. To do so, you can use the guide, complete with prompts, that I released last year. Or use your own!

If you do decide to use my guide, you can do the reflection and intention-setting chapters in two days. Or you can take more time and do a prompt a day. Leave out the prompts that do not resonate, add your own- do what feels right!

If you would like to meditate, journal, and connect with others going through the calendar, feel free to join us on Discord. Audio and video channels are provided that you can use at any time. So you could try to find others who are in a matching time zone and meditate/journal/hang out together. Or just chat with us in the journaling or meditation channel about how the month is going for you. And to keep yourself accountable, if you feel like it. Do not feel pressured to meditate and journal each day- this is an invitation. Discipline is wonderful, but there is no need to pressure yourself too much. If you do decide to be disciplined, even five minutes a day is wonderful.

December Calendar Horizontal
Download PDF • 163KB

I have provided here the guide and calendar in two different formats: the upper one is horizontal and the lower one is vertical (DinA4 measures). If you would like to print, the latter is probably better. If you are going to stay digital, which I recommend so you can click all the links, the horizontal one is prettier.

December Calendar vertical
Download PDF • 181KB

Lastly, if you would like to show your appreciation and donate a cup of tea my way, you can do so here. You are under no obligation to, but any proceeds will go toward new content for you guys. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for sticking around for the year. I appreciate every single one of you so much. Thank you also to all my people in the Discord channel. It was a wonderful year with you guys, and I am very grateful you became part of the Soul tribe.

I wish you all a wonderful December. And I hope to catch you online somewhere soon.

Much love, Elza

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